Eating my way down under

I moved to Melbourne a couple of months ago, feeling more than excited about my upcoming year which I’d spend wearing just a bikini and having shrimp on the barbie, etc. etc.

Two months in and my feelings have somewhat changed. The food in Melbourne is so unbelievably good that I forgot about the whole ‘summer body’ project and tend to spend a good half of my weekly wage on brunch, lunch, and everything in between. It’s so worth it. I’m now a certified coffee wanker – I’ve even been to coffee school – and have never been more fussy about my poached egg yolk (if it’s not running within 2 seconds, it’s a FAILURE). I figured that writing a blog about food is something of a way to share the food, share the love, and give me even more reason to explore Melbourne’s mad variety of restaurants.

I follow a gluten free diet – apparently the coolest ‘free from’ to be this year, it seems. Sadly, my diet isn’t a choice (I’m coeliac) but its recent popularity has definitely helped me! Everything I’ll write about here is, therefore, gluten free.

GF isn’t necessarily ‘healthier’ and I definitely wouldn’t follow the diet if I weren’t coeliac and therefore forced to. I made Betty Crocker cupcakes the other night. They were gone by 10am. Serves 12, my absolute arse… but often it tastes just as good! If not, better. Since being diagnosed two years ago, I have explored so many different types of cooking and cuisine which I never would have before. Nearly every dish can be altered to be gluten free, if you can be bothered (KFC, I’m waiting on you).

Despite the fact that technically, I’m on a lifelong diet, ‘diets’ are not my thing. Life’s too short! I’ll cross that beach when I come to it (probably wearing a cover up, unless someone hides the Betty Crocker). I just really, really love food. Cheese, chips, cake, cheese, cheesecake… What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror? Hallou…mi. Food is fun AND funny.

Now I’ve started this, I plan on ‘researching’ even more. I’m looking up tomorrow’s brunch menu…


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