A friend in need is a friend indeed

#Winnie the Pooh

Friday: all we needed after Rosa’s big Nott return was coffee and eggs (and Berocca and TLC). Apparently, I had been extremely excited for breakfast all night, so I wasn’t even that upset when my dear friend interrupted my sweet slumber at 10.45 to go and get food. Who knew that waking up could turn into such a nightmare…

Morning glory
Morning glory

Things took a turn for the worst when we got to Richmond station. We were looking for Friends of Mine, and Google Maps told us it was a mere 1.7km away. “Let’s just walk! It’ll take no time, it’s only a kilometre,” said Rosa, ignoring my pleas and blatant lack of fitness. It was literally an uphill struggle, which required an extended break on a bench as I paused at every tram stop.


What began as a cheery, hungover jaunt eventually descended into sheer, cruel bitchiness: “What would you do if Winnie died? Do you reckon she’s forgotten you?” Luckily, as this abominable and frankly ludicrous comment was made, the café magically appeared in front of us, probably saving our friendship (I forgave, not forgot).

Poor Winnie
Poor #Winnie

We sat outside, mainly because the benches resembled beds and I thought I might be able to get away with lying down while we waited to be served (I didn’t get away with it). The place had pleasant vibes, though, and the guy looking after us was great, thoroughly checking with the chef for the standard GF issues and still ensuring I got bread with my eggs (I was b-ready for it).

IMG_9221Oh, the eggs. Breaking away from my usual poached, fearing that something gooey would tip me over the edge, I ordered ‘folded’ eggs (glorified scrambled) with herbs and goats’ cheese. They were eggselent, and I was so full that I literally forgot to eat until late that evening – a puzzling, new, yet not unwelcome outcome.

You've goat to try this
You’ve goat to try this

Friends of Mine: 7/10, but they get an 8/10 because they have fancy toilets with fancy hand cream. Go with your friend! They have the ability to get you through tough times here. Just make sure you get off at Burnley station, not bloody Richmond.


Friends of Mine, 506 Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121

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