A fresh Friday

My regular Friday normally involves a king-sized Nott hangover and a desperate, frantic search for some sort of cure… It’s never pretty (see last Friday). This week, however, I sacrificed the fun and games for a shift at work (ironically, a dry 21st), and thus, today, got my first taste of the fresh moral high ground.

This morning, I felt G R E A T. I was smug as the girls exchanged tales and memories of their big night, complete with split drinks and spilt tears, while I recounted my 3am camomile tea in bed in great and beautiful detail (that was it). Between us, we had enough cars to avoid the arduous public transport ordeal and instead drive down to Richmond, to the Touchwood café. The drive down was risky: a precautionary sick bag was on hand the entire way.


Touchwood is inviting from the outset: high ceilings, light spaces and potted plants on the tables. It has a great reputation throughout Melbourne and so we had high expectations. Since a traumatic incident last week in which it took 10 minutes to get my favourite pair of jeans on (which were too big when I arrived here), I’m making a half-arsed (realistically, quarter-arsed) attempt to eat healthily/less. Summer is all too soon to be carrying round a gunt. I therefore chose the sticky coconut quinoa pudding with seasonal fruits and pistachios: I heard that if it contains quinoa, it’s good for you.

Keen for the keen-wa

If this is healthy, then I’ll be eating healthily forever. The coconut made the whole bowl sweet, which would have been sickly if I hadn’t had a good filter coffee on the side to balance it out. Everyone got something different, and I will definitely be going back to try the baked eggs, open salmon sandwich and Nasi Goreng – it looked just like a Wagamama’s from home.


This whole non-hungover thing is going pretty well for me. During exam season I’m hoping the boredom levels will inspire me to ditch the alcohol, the gunt and the fruit toast and embrace my inner abs, which I hope will one day become visible to the wider world. If not, I have both a twin and a namesake rapper who I can pass for in photos instead. Easy!

#ALLDAY (miss you)

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