Old habits die hard

Is there anything in this world better than a lie in? Waking up, realising you don’t even need to check the time because you have nothing to do and nowhere to be… drifting in and out of a pleasant, hazy snooze. 

Not even Rosa’s kind words on my alarms could wake me

Since classes finished for the semester, I have been indulging in these lazy mornings more and more – maybe a little too often. I seem to have reverted back to being a lazy fresher who is asleep for most of the day.

image1 (2)

 A turning point came last week when Rosa woke me up, furious that my alarm was set for 3pm. I was equally furious at her ripping my covers off and my curtains open, insisting I “get the fuck up,” or something. Since first year, I have discovered that I don’t like being woken up, ever. My flatmates learned pretty early on, and even when I came home for the summer, my family knew better than to disturb me from a nap. Even Winnie knows to rouse me in a quiet, non-aggressive manner.

The best kind of nap

Despite my complaints, sometimes having a mate for a human alarm clock has its benefits. I had an appointment to look around a house in the city for next semester on Monday. Of course, my 3pm alarm meant that I would have missed the 1pm viewing had it not been for Rosa shaking/slapping me awake at 12.15. We somehow made it to the house on time, despite getting lost somewhere near Richmond. It was the first house I’d looked round here, and I didn’t really know what to expect. Rosa told me about a house her sister had viewed in the area at the beginning of the year: “awful, disgusting, with an outside toilet, a bong in the corner, a permanently locked door and lino flooring everywhere.” We rolled up to a house on a side street, which displayed disturbing similarities to this description. “What’s that door there for?” “The man who lives at the end of the garden.” It seemed that, even after a year, they still couldn’t find a tenant.

Are you even a barista if you aren’t wearing a hat?

After practically running out of the house, we drove down to Hawthorn to get some lunch afterwards. Our friend Jemma, who is the best person to ask for anything in Melbourne, had recommended Sardi. It’s a pretty small place, located on Church Street in Hawthorn, an area of Melbourne I don’t know particularly well. A decent café here needs three things: good lighting, good coffee, and gluten free options which are not limited to a fruit salad.


Sardi managed the first two points excellently, and went a step further than gluten free with the ultimate in pretentious eating: PALEO bread. Although this dietary trend is almost the new veganism in terms of how irritating it can be, it is gluten free, and I have therefore embraced it with open arms. I had the smashed avo with this wondrous bread (what was it made out of? Potatoes? Organic compost?) which was more like cake than bread in texture, but still tasted great and was incredibly filling – it led to one of those puzzling days where I didn’t eat until…dinner.

This is how the cavemen ate… apparently

The sweet potato fries were also safe to eat, and they were a meal in itself. (Actually, maybe that’s why I wasn’t hungry for hours). Either way, Sardi definitely delivered. It was slightly expensive, but it was all delicious and kept us full Allday (is it weird if I make that joke myself?) Melbourne cafés like to serve up massive food portions, so you do tend to get your money’s worth.

And I thought I couldn’t get any sweeter

Wherever I move out to next year, a good local café and housemates who are brave enough to wake me up are absolute essentials. I have already sorted my house for final year at Warwick, and we’re actually pretty near the Paleo restaurant in Leamington…

Sardi, 111 Church Street, Hawthorn, VIC 3122

Paleo97 Warwick Street, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 4RJ (England…)

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