What 2015 taught me

 This year has been the best and most exciting ever, as well as the most difficult and challenging. I completed a stressful second year, which was made better by all the great people back at Warwick (where r h?) and in Surf (miss you). Now, I’ve been in Australia for nearly six months and had wonderful experiences with a whole new gang of people. A warm Christmas was puzzling and sweaty, but with calamari, beer and the beach it was a pretty enjoyable alternative to British winter. I’ve got my family here and even more to look forward to in 2016… So while I count my lucky stars, here are some observations I’ve picked up in the past year.

  1. You can poach an egg using cling film, but the stress and mess just aren’t worth it.
  2. Reading for pleasure is an absolute dream.
  3. Avocado goes with everything – it’s practically the new butter.
  4. Veggie burgers can hold their own against hamburgers…    The ultimate underdog.
  5. Banana pancakes are the best way to brighten up a Monday morning. (And Mondays are definitely the best day of the week.)
  6. “Healthy” cakes are useless. Why make a brownie out of POTATOES when you can make it out of CHOCOLATE? (This is the gunt talking.)
  7. Shrimp on the barbie is an absolute Aussie myth. As is Fosters. And those hats with corks attached.
  8. The whole mindfulness trend is easy to ignore, but taking ten minutes out of your day will almost certainly improve your life; I started using Headspace nine months ago and haven’t looked back! (I’m fairly sure that meditating also gives you the right to refer to yourself as ‘zen.’)
  9. Sweating from the heat doesn’t burn as many calories as a workout, unfortunately (tried and tested, definitely not zen).
  10. There is an Instagram called @menandcats. I miss Winnie.


Happy New Year!


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