Moving in, moving on

“And I fed my tumour to the turtles.”

I met David Sedaris at a book signing last week, before his show at Hamer Hall (he’s coming to London in February – GO). As he drew a ‘septopus’ in the title page of Barrel Fever and discussed the soft serve strawberry ice cream he’d tried that day, he asked what I, a 22 year old living in the city, did. I told him that I’m studying, and that I make coffee on the side.


“Now, don’t take offence to this, but the coffee here… latte, long black, flat white, I don’t know… I don’t want any of that. I need a high caffeine content! I have to go to Starbucks! I’m American!

I couldn’t help but agree that a simple filter is often the best cup of coffee, even in the self-proclaimed coffee capital of the world. Then, he asked if I had an apartment. I said I was moving in to one at the weekend.

“Do you take baths or showers?” “It depends how dirty I am, I suppose.” “I’m glad you said that,” he replied, rummaging through his enormous bag. “Most people automatically say showers. If you’re moving in to your own apartment, you’ll need this. It’s from the Western.”


A week later and I’m happily writing this from my balcony in Prahran. Moving day was particularly momentous, as my parents flew home after a glorious month here; I blame this emotional turmoil for my regrettable and hasty purchase of cheap beige bedsheets (#yearofsexy). It’s wonderful to finally settle in the city… and, I’m only a couple of minutes from Market Lane Coffee, who serve a great filter for only $4.50. Who needs Starbucks?

IMG_0780 (1)

“Do you think your writing would have been affected if apps like Grindr had been around as you grew up?”
“Growing up single, you had to actually leave your house to get rejected.”

An Evening With David Sedaris, touring through 2016. Tickets here.

Market Lane Coffee, Shop 13, Prahran Market/163 Commercial Rd, South Yarra, VIC 3141

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