Sunday Funday


There is nothing better than waking up on Sunday with the sun shining and feeling fresh as a daisy. After a debilitating hangover ruined my ability to function and “party hard” on Saturday night, I found myself in bed with Rosa at 11pm drinking camomile tea and watching the Arsenal-Spurs game (supporting Arsenal is hard bloody work). A rare Sunday off in Melbourne meant only one thing: food.


We started off at what may be the most aesthetically pleasing café in Melbourne: Uncommon, down the Windsor end of Chapel Street. It’s only been open a couple of months, but every time I’ve ventured in, it’s been packed. They use Industry Beans, and serve a pretty decent $4 filter; they also serve everyone’s new favourite coconut “milk” – how do you milk a coconut? Or an almond? Or an OAT? Big life questions.


Brunch was at St Kilda’s best café, Leroy. I discovered it over summer when I was staying a minute round the corner with my family.Today is Mother’s Day back home in England, and it seemed fitting to come for breakfast in the place I spent a month with my mum over Christmas. In all honesty, it wasn’t the coffee that kept us going there for the morning fix, but the three different GF muffins they serve each day. Today’s was banana and hazelnut, which I took home and ate for lunch/dinner (a Melbourne breakfast is normally enough to keep you going for a solid 48 hours).

Good old Leroy
I’m not bluffin’ with my muffin

Rosa and I sat in the sunshine and had juices: strawberry, mint and coconut water was ideal in the 30 degree heat. Coconut water is another ingredient that seems to be popping up in every café, alongside coconut oil, which some people like to add to their COFFEE. What is the world coming to? I can’t keep up.


Rosa ordered the ‘veggie chowdown’, a Leroy staple which is essentially a vegetarian full English. I had it once in December, but it plunged me into such a deep food coma that I feel like I need to really prepare before I go down that road again. I ordered the corn and zucchini fritters (courgette…) with eggs. Fritters are essentially savoury pancakes, and they were accordingly satisfying. (For anyone gluten free, Leroy’s updated their menu to have more GF options – INCLUDING THREE VARIETIES OF PANCAKES. As I type this I wonder why I didn’t order those).

Zucchini fritters = courgette pancakes

Coffee, eggs and two (yes, two) naps. What a lovely way to spend the last Sunday of summer (although the next month is set to be a solid 30 degrees). And, to every mum in England, Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother dearest
Winnie and her offspring

Uncommon, 60 Chapel Street, Windsor, VIC 3181

Leroy Espresso, 191 Acland Street, St Kilda, VIC 3182

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