I doner what to say 

The transition period in to 2017 was significantly eventful and emotional, and there are many aspects of the last year that I am sad to say goodbye to. The new year invokes that blind optimism I like to share every Monday: fresh start, new year, new me, blah blah gym etc. Though none of my habits have changed, and the 4th Year of Sexy has led to an unexpected internal tug of war between running and apple crumble, two culinary events have happened in the past 24 hours which I thought merited sharing.

Disclaimer: I am 7/10 hungover and am running on minimal sleep. I’m aware that this is probably not worth sharing.

1) As a gluten free gal, sourcing drunk food on the go can prove challenging. Last night, at approximately 3am, somewhere on the streets of Shoreditch, a wave of hunger spurned by my pissed pals eating chips inspired me to make a solo trip across the road to a kebab shop run by a wonderfully patient Greek man, and his son, who had curtains.

Long story short, the kind Greek men provided me with a fully GF lamb doner extravaganza, navigating through what was likely incoherent chatter. And what a kebab it was! Lamb, a comprehensive salad (including some questionable jalapeños) and oceans of garlic mayo rounded off the night perfectly.

What I’ve just described is a large proportion of Britain’s Saturday night routine, but it brought me an inordinate amount of joy. Wherever you are, Greek kebab shop, I thank you from the bottom of my tipsy heart.

2) Maybe last night’s fast food banquet planted the seed; maybe it was the KFC advert on the side of every bus in London; maybe it was the hangover. Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I cooked chicken nuggets from scratch. I made a chilli and paprika batter from gram flour and GF breadcrumbs and fried chicken in it with a dangerous amount of butter. The result was so unexpectedly pleasing that I ran round my house, forcing both housemates and guests to try what may be my life’s finest work.

Who knows what 2017 will bring? If not a job and some abs, then I hope more fast food delicacies. Happy new year! It’s now 8pm and I can go to bed.

Finger lickin’ good

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